History of modern economy: You are a baker. You make a living by going to the market and selling your muffins. One day, you come to the market and there is a racketeer with a gun. He tells you, “You can continue selling your muffins but you have to give me 50% or you are dead”. Maybe you were in a fearful mood on that day. Maybe his gun was big. Maybe he threatened your child. Somebody got scared, somebody got bribed, somebody went with the flow, one thing led to another. Three generations later: It’s the Law. Ten generations later: “It’s how bakers have always done it. Don’t you know, you fool?”

It is fascinating how history is a succession of individual deeds of fear and fearlessness, and if you get to the bottom of any common practice, it’s just a random thing that happened some time, somewhere, and then a number of people who ate it up.

So, today we live in the economy where most money (as in, unimaginable amounts of money that no human can ever spend) is made by people who don’t produce anything but leech on natural resources and other people’s creations. And on a smaller level, by those who imitate them. It’s probably not going to change dramatically any time soon, and there are many ways to be well-off and happy (and probably much happier than those proud self-identified superhumans with dim eyes sitting on massive resources and despising everybody else) but… it doesn’t mean that we all just have to repeat that “this is the way is has always been done” because it’s not. Changing reality might be a slow process, but admitting to the truth can be done immediately.

La, la.


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