The biggest mindfuck (I use that word a lot lately because I am actively thinking about how to contribute to a much healthier entertainment industry)… the biggest mindfuck of a bullying-based status quo in any area of society is that those who benefit from it try to convince kind people and those who speak up that they are losers. That message gets pushed very hard, and often successfully, even though its success depends solely on the degree of your confusion.

“You want to talk about respect? Hahahaha! Let’s also talk about pink elephants and tooth fairies. Boo hoo!” Yet, if kindness were a sign of confusion and weakness, none of us would have loving mothers or relationships worth keeping.

In the past, I have often been discouraged by all the stink bullies raise. They laugh at you, they want you to believe they they are in the majority and you are irrelevant, they want you to accept their perspective and nod while they put you on a conveyor belt alongside other discouraged citizens, and eat you on their terms.

But why, may I ask, would I go for it? I have a song that goes, “Don’t put me on a fucking conveyor, people are not machines”. I stand by every word of it.


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