Without love, I am not living. Without love, nothing makes sense. Wake up in the morning, and things are good. But at night, sadness.

In dryness, I do not exist. In dryness, I am poor. I am not a poet right now, I just feel. I feel a need for love because I know what it is like to be fully alive. Once you know, ignorance is like a thousand needles. I look for love. It’s in there, I know, I need to open the hole. I need to forget the monsters.

I don’t give a fuck about the prayer, I am thinking about its destination. I am peeking in the hole. Because without love, nothing makes sense. Not the words, not the actions, not the city.

My love, the mystery of life. In any form, physical, breath, for a person, through music, my love. The smile of God.

The bell is tingling.