Tessa Makes Love Spente Le Stelle

UPDATE: Here is the video link.
In three days, the music video is coming out. I am excited, and to be honest, I am nervous. The entire past year has been about this video. And the three years before that were about getting myself in shape to be able to do it.

I masked my dignity to get things done. I put on a casual face where I wanted to kick, scream and be righteous. I let go of what I thought was the love of my life. I argued with a friend who I am hoping will stop being mad at me some time soon, because I humanly love him.

And in three days, on Valentine’s Day, it is going to be public. My little piece of soul disguised as a funny girl running around in body paint.

Oh yes, it has me running around in body paint. I hope my mom doesn’t see it. Or she sees it after it’s got a million views on YouTube and I can tell her it’s show business.

Happy to be breaking the rules.