Racism, Facebook, Pepsi: Stupid and Sad

Racism is about money and vanity, and ironically, we no longer need an evil hand to orchestrate it, people do it all on their own. Because, internet. Because, stupid.

Girl on the subway

I was on my way somewhere, and I saw a guy yelling at the girl on the subway platform. Time went by, and he kept yelling. From the conversation, it seemed like she didn’t want to go to back home with him and he didn’t agree. After ten minutes or so of...

Domestic abuse (my real story)

Domestic abuse is like a nazi camp, it’s a world that is upside down, and you are completely alone.

When I was growing up, every day was a holiday. All things dark lived on the other side of the galaxy. Stupid things clearly were happening to stupid people who didn’t know better, to people who were less informed, to people who weren’t me. My life was an official walk to the bright future. I was an invincible sunny kid bringing home straight A’s, studying classical piano and Tibetan language, speaking at international conferences, hanging out with the rebels and playing in a band. I was dreaming big, problems were not problems. I was on the forefront of everything, and the world was mine.

Then I came to America. […]